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Our slip wait list was re-set on October 1, 2022 for new customers looking for 2023 dockage. You may call to be added to our 2023 wait list, but we are not anticipating enough additional openings at this point to accommodate anyone else on the wait list. 
2023 Slips
7-month season  - April 1, 2023 through October 31, 2023

Q: What day can new customers sign up for 2023 slips?

A: October 1! The seasonal wait list for next year will RESET on this date. Even if you were previously on the 2022 wait list, you must come down IN PERSON to reconfirm your status on the wait list for the following year. We open at 9am, but strongly recommend getting to the marina *in person* much earlier than that, as last year we started the morning off with 60+ people in line.

Q: What is the deposit for being placed on the wait list?

A: $700, cash or check only (preferably check). We do not cash any checks until November, when we know for certain how many openings we have for the following season. We will not cash your check until you have a slip.

Q: I would like a single or electric slip! How do I request this?

A: There is never any harm in requesting a single or electric slip, but we only pull for speciality sized slips from our current pool of returning slip renters, and availability is extremely limited. You will likely only qualify for a 24' or 30' double slip (which can accommodate a boat up to around 9'-9.25' in width) as a new customer.

Q: How many openings do you anticipate coming available for 2023?

A: This is nearly impossible to answer. We have 325 seasonal slips, and current slip renters have first right of refusal until November 1, when their deposits are due. We have had some years with 10-15% turnover, we have had some years with 3-4% turnover. A combination of covid19, the expansion of development in southern Denver, and our new facilities & the lake expansion have put our marina in high demand and higher customer retention, and while we are incredibly grateful for the support and business, we do wish we could assist more boaters in the area!

The new construction of the marina, docks, and all its facilities has been completed!
For more information and updates on the Chatfield Reallocation Project, which will add 12 vertical feet of water to the reservoir, please visit

2023 Slip Fees
Remember we accept cash or check only for seasonal slips! Feel free to call us you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment during our offseason. 
Non-Electric Slip 

Deposit + Delayed Pay
(Balance due March 1, 2023)

24 ft. Double $700 + $3294
30 ft. Double $700 + $3512
Availability for our electric slips, single slips, and end slips are extremely limited. If you would like pricing information, or are a current customer wishing to be placed on a wait list for these slips, please call 303.791.5555